MUST High Tech Expo: The Exhibition of Cybersecurity & IoT

Session Overview

Join Kigen’s Paul Bradley at MUST’s Cybersecurity & IoT Event for Baking-in trust through an OPEN IoT SAFE ecosystem on Thursday 30th September 2021, 10:20am CET.

Data exchange at scale is both IoT’s most significant opportunity and hurdle. Secure and seamless provisioning and management of IoT devices to data clouds are essential for companies to unlock IoT data insights’ full value: GSMA’s IoT SAFE addresses this for scale. But we need to do more for enterprises to offer flexibility and speed. Kigen and hyper-scale partners are working on what is needed to shift the economics of secure services for IoT devices to be considered first-class citizens for secure services with Open IoT-SAFE. Learn what an unified approach for securing data across any device, any network, or any TLS stack look like for OEMs and businesses. Now, and in the 5G future.

Key takeaways

•            Understand what an unified approach for securing data looks like

•            Understand what the GSMA’s IoT SAFE is


Paul Bradley, Director of Strategy & Innovation, Kigen