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Kigen ranks 4th Global eSIM enablement leader

Kigen emerges as eSIM specialist with robust eSIM enablement capabilities according to Counterpoint Research’s 2021 report.

Counterpoint Research’s eSIM Competitive, Ranking & Evaluation Report has ranked Kigen in fourth place of its global ranking of eSIM enablement leaders, placing Kigen in the Specialist category.

Counterpoint Research's eSIM Competitive, Ranking & Evaluation Report has ranked Kigen in fourth place of its global ranking of eSIM enablement leaders

Source: eSIM CORE (COmpetitive, Ranking & Evaluation) Scorecard & Analysis, April 2022 by Counterpoint

Kigen is ranked fourth and is one of the fastest moving players in the eSIM enablement landscape. It leads the scoring in firmware, compliance and security. It delivered the industry’s first EAL5+ certified iSIM hardware in partnership with Sequans. Kigen has built strong partnerships across the value chain which has helped it enable at scale.”

Neil Shah, Research Vice President at Counterpoint

Kigen eSIM has moved up three ranks in the ranking since the last edition, and went from “Dark Horse” (well-positioned to challenge the status quo in the near future) to “Specialist” (Challenging the top 2 players). The last edition was published during the time Kigen was transitioning to an indpendent company from Arm.

“It is great to see the recognition of our ecosystem with our focus on using eSIM to secure IoT. It demonstrates our investment in engineering and customer-focused development teams is yielding market leading solutions even in the short time we have been an independent company”.

Vincent Korstanje, CEO at Kigen

More about Counterpoint Research’s eSIM ranking

The Counterpoint eSIM ranking report deep dives into the eSIM landscape, covering the evolution of the market and adoption trends. Using their proprietary CORE (COmpetitive, Ranking & Evaluation) framework, Counterpoint scores different players across the eSIM hardware and provision landscape in terms of completeness and capabilities such as Firmware, Compliance, Interoperability, Geographical Reach, partnerships and wins across the ecosystem.

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eSIM and iSIM technologies poised for strong growth

More than 6 billion eSIM (eUICC- and iUICC-based) capable devices will be shipped cumulatively over the next five years, according to Counterpoint’s latest research findings. The uptake of eSIMs is poised to grow across a gamut of connected devices over the next decade, led by flexibility, cost-efficiency, security, and other myriad of benefits offered by the technology.

One such growth market is micro-mobility. Representing small, and lightweight connected vehicles in urban environments, e-bikes, e-scooters, and shared bicycle fleets require reliable connectivity, need to be tamper-proof and secure, and conserve battery power. Integrated SIM or iSIM technology has the potential to address these pressing challenges. Counterpoint’s Neil Shah will host a panel from experts across Kigen, SONY and floLIVE to explore how out-of-the-box connectivity enabled by iSIM technology shall support this rapidly expanding market for Cellular LPWAN networks on June 14th at 15.00 CEST.

Experts will share direct experience of addressing these challenges for customers in micro-mobility sector, but the lessons learnt in field deployments are highly suitable for enterprises who wish to operate large eSIM and iSIM mobile fleets, or those that require accurate real-time visibility across any smart city assets. Register today to reserve your seat for this free webinar.