Meet with Kigen at CES for eSIM Private LTE networks

CES 2023

January 5-8, 2023 Las Vegas, NV

Discover how eSIM can fuel your device innovations at CES 2023

CES, the most influential consumer tech event in the world – the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators is taking place in Las Vegas from 5-8 Jan, 2023. Discover eSIM innovations with Kigen.

eSIMs – powering the next digital trust

eSIM has entered The Economist’s vital (tech) vocabulary for 2023 with the major move of the Apple iPhone to eSIM only models for the US market. The stage is set for eSIM adoption to accelerate across both consumer and industrial digital transformation.

By 2025, on average we will interact with connected devices once every 18 seconds

IDC Research: 4,800 interactions up from 601 in 2020

5G, Private LTE networks, eSIM solutions and trusted data for scaled ‘as a service’ business models are all shaping these interactions. A vast part of consumer experience will be shaped by the industrial IoT processes and services being fast adopted in the smart city, grid and energy services.

What’s in store for innovations powered by eSIM at CES23

The devices of tomorrow will need innovative partnerships to balance energy needs and sustainability. Kigen can help you explore how eSIM and 5G IoT ecosystem unlocks new revenue opportunities.

Explore these in more detail with our CES Preview and 2023 Outlook to what’s shaping device innovations.

Whether you are exploring ‘what is an eSIM?’ or looking to enhance existing relationships with major carriers to enrol your IoT devices, Kigen’s team of experts can support your decisions at all stages.