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Java Card Forum – Growing a secure ecosystem for IoT devices – Free Webinar

Thursday 19th November, 9am CET & 5pm CET

Watch this JavaCard Forum (JCF) webinar as they share insights into why Java Card should be the platform of choice in the IoT domain, and how to grow a secure ecosystem, with guest speakers from Kigen & Orange.

Webinar Overview:

McKinsey estimates that by 2025, IoT could contribute up to $11.1 trillion per annum to the global economy. Achieving this kind of impact would require various conditions to be in place. One of them is ensuring seamless and secure IoT device provisioning and management so companies unlock the full value of IoT data insights. Learn about Kigen’s recent collaboration with Vodafone which demonstrates how an iSIM-powered smart label, created for the health sciences giant Bayer, can safely deliver data insights, securely via cellular networks.

IoT devices rely on establishing trust with a cloud to exchange data securely. However, the high number of proprietary IoT security solutions that currently exist creates a great deal of fragmentation on the market. Find out how GSMA’s IoT SAFE can address this issue, by delivering a repeatable, standardized solution which is hugely scalable. Kigen and Orange will together explain how OEMs and enterprises can utilize an eSIM/iSIM with an IoT SAFE applet to ‘bake’ secure connectivity into the device at the point of manufacture and enable even the smallest devices to connect, authenticate and exchange trusted data with clouds right out-of-the box.

Learn how Orange used Kigen OS with IoT SAFE to establish a mutually authenticated connection from an Arduino NB-IoT device to Orange’s IoT cloud platform (Live Objects) and how, following this work, the GSMA specification was updated to avoid any interoperability issues. As part of this initiative, an IoT SAFE library was open sourced by Orange to help boost IoT SAFE support in the ecosystem.


Paul Bradley, Kigen

Anurag Sharma, Kigen

Leila de Charette, Orange

Fabrice Fontaine, Orange

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