Mastering eSIM Adoption: Efficiency, Evolution, Examples

Kigen in IoT For all webinar
November 2023

This webinar discusses eSIM technology adoption, its efficiency, evolution, and application examples. It includes presentations from industry leaders at Kigen – Loic Bonvarlet, Dr. Saïd Gharout and the GSMA – Gloria Trujillo, who demonstrate eSIM‘s potential, its growing market, the IoT RSP specification, and how Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are incorporating this technology.

The evolution of eSIM specifications focuses on the journey from M2M to consumer and now to IoT. It covers the pillars of security, interoperability, integrity, and trust, emphasizing collaborative efforts with various organizations.

Our experts touch on the differences between M2M, consumer, and IoT standards, with a focus on the specific needs and features of each. They also highlight the importance of security, interoperability, integrity, and trust for eSIM implementations.

Understand the readiness of different components in the eSIM ecosystem and the benefits these new specifications bring.

 Discover the limitless possibilities with eSIM, by joining this webinar as we explore:  

  • eSIMs and connectivity choices  
  • How to understand eSIM standards; SGP.31 & SGP.32  
  • Customer success across industrial landscapes, such as smart metering, asset tracking, and logistics 
  • Customer success consumer eSIMs;

If you are interested in eSIM adoption, what is driving it and whether it will continue then this webinar is for you! Catch up now, explore the market implications and discover the use cases that can benefit from these advancements.