Hardware Pioneers panel discussion: What could the iSIM do for your IoT rollout?

Kigen featured in Hardware Pioneers Max 2021
9th December 2021

In this panel discussion, Kigen’s Director of Business Development, Toby Grimshaw, talks about what Kigen iSIM can do for IoT rollouts.

Today’s IoT architects must ensure that their connected solutions strategy shows business outcomes right away from first deployment to full commercial rollout. Robust IoT security, from device identity to services that rely on end-to-end security, will be a catalyst to massive-scale digital growth, underpinned by iSIM technology.

About the speakers

Meet the panelists:

  • Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO, Beecham Research
  • Toby Grimshaw, Director of Business Development, Kigen
  • Rony Cohen, Head of Strategy & Business Development, FloLIVE
  • Yiru Zhong, Senior Market Development Manager, 1NCE
  • Evan Unrue, EMEA Chief Technologist, TechData

Key Takeaways

  • How do you ensure the right security decisions for your devices today, despite the ever tightening constrains on power, size and efficiency?
  • How do you take best advantage of out-of-the-box connectivity and built-in resiliency from this new technology?

Find out more by watching this panel with Kigen, who pioneered iSIM technology and floLIVE the latest global connectivity provider to adopt iSIM.