IoT Edge boosts performance and enhances data security

This panel discussion between partners Kigen, Sierra Wireless and Sony Semiconductor, explores how IoT at the Edge is set to become the new norm for IoT deployments. The recent advances in chipsets, cellular modules, eSIM and iSIM technology and LPWAN connectivity have contributed to faster data processing. 

Faster data processing near the source

Edge computing saves data on the drive instead of sending it to a distant data centre, decreasing the time lag and saving bandwidth for IoT Edge devices. Historically, most processing occurred in remote cloud data centres, but Edge computing is starting to address the balance.  

This webinar explores how processing power at the Edge of raw IoT data takes place in real-time near the data source, extracting valuable insights in a shorter space of time. The fast processing of IoT data leads to accelerated responsiveness, higher levels of security, greater power efficiency, and lower connectivity costs. 

In this webinar, we discuss: 

·      Lower latency triggers actions instantly for faster decision making 

·      Reduced cost due to lower bandwidth savings by processing in the hardware 

·      Benefits of LT- CAT M for lower power devices 

·      Security advantages of retaining raw data on the device 

·      Extended battery life due to less network communication 

·       How eSIM and iSIM secure data and enhance product innovation 

·      Data streams secure at source and to the cloud 

·     Enhanced performance analysis in the cloud 


Meet the panellists

Ohad Pele, Product Marketing Manager @ Sony Semiconductor 

Bee Hayes-ThakoreSenior Director, Marketing and Partnerships @ Kigen 

Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO @ Beecham Research

Olivier PauzetVP of Product & IoT Solutions @ Sierra Wireless 

Want to learn more?

Read IoT at the Edge research white paper from Beecham