Discover the potential of trusted data

Kigen featured in MWC’21
30th June 2021

Watch this two part webinar featuring Kigen and an industry expert panel to find out how eSIM and iSIM across ready-to-connect hardware and cloud security can help IoT scale.


Discover the following:

  • How some of the fastest growing segments have adopted ready-to-connect eSIM through the pandemic? How will this trend grow?
  • The latest developments in IoT SAFE and delivering practical data exchange secure at scale
  • An industry framework and manifesto to ease path to scale for data exchange

Host & panelists

Bee Hayes-Thakore, Senior Director, Marketing & Partnerships, Kigen (Host)

Francoise Replumaz Senior Marketing Director, Sierra Wireless

Loic Bonvarlet VP Product and Marketing, Kigen

Paul Bradley Director, Director of Strategy & Innovation, Kigen

Tim Mattison Principle Partner Solutions Architect, AWS