How can data security and privacy drive acceleration?

In this webinar, Kigen’s Director of Sales and Business Development, Paul Bradley, has partnered up with Zariot’s Head of Security, Jimmy Jones to uncover the role of data security and privacy and a sceure-by-design approach in supporting transformational business change.

A must for all business leaders..

Whether you are a CEO, CIO, CSO or senior leaders who are driving change with IoT, cloud computing, and data, this is a must watch webinar. Watch and discover:

  • Highlights of IoTWSC: See learnings of the world’s most disruptive brands driving digital innovation initiatives
  • Data smarts: importance of data security and authentical in digital transformation
  • Tech trends: Understand how to future proof your business by designing with security up-front
  • Explore new business solutions: digital transformation use cases in smart city, smart energy, and enhanced offering for data integrity 

iot world solutions congress
The Zariot and Kigen teams at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona