Key Insights

A highly prised feature of a connected IoT solution is the inclusion of cellular capability. However, if you’re not familiar with this technology or market, you may see its incorporation as a daunting and complex task. Seeking guidance and support, from those in the know, is therefore key.

Cellular connectivity is ubiquitous and offers great reliability and flexibility. Therefore a device or solution with the option of cellular connectivity support built in will differentiate it from those without. Consequently, leveraging this as a unique selling point will be an aspect device or solution deployer’s cannot ignored. Although, as with most technologies, you will face options, choices and compromises that you will have to make along the way.

As an innovator in this technology, we have drawn up a comprehensive guide, covering the key aspects that we think should be considered by anyone looking to adopt cellular technology in their IoT design. Find out more and gain insight about topics such as:

  • Which cellular network technology should you chose to support?
  • Is an eSIM or an iSIM suited to your use-case?
  • What to look for when you’re sourcing a SIM OS.
  • The requirements you will need to meet when SIM personalizing your SIMs.
  • The must haves for integrating with an RSP platform.
  • What to look for when partnering with a Connectivity management provider.
  • The industry Standards and specifications you’ll need to adhere too.
  • The testing requirements you’ll need to realise before production starts.