Whether you build or buy, IoT security is a must for us all

An ecosystem supporting integrated IoT security is a must-have strategy in the digital economy. Here are the three critical capabilities needed for success.

The range of available IoT products is broad and continually growing. Industry estimates that there will be trillions of IoT devices in the next decade that will connect virtually everything in our homes and businesses. Secure and trusted IoT identities and data assured at source and at the point of exchange will be a catalyst to digital growth.

Change in perception of security

Traditionally, under fierce commercial pressures, IoT device manufacturers prioritise performance and price factors over device security. Failure to embed trust in connected devices may lead to costly and disastrous consequences. With the ever-increasing number of connected devices, all the stakeholders, including IoT device manufacturers, service providers and businesses designing services, must change their perception of IoT security from a “nice to have” to a “must-have”. Security will be an essential part of the user experience and will allow businesses to gain the longer-term engagement of their customers. “Businesses that place the onus on building trust as a vital part of their social contract with their users will win in the connected future,” says Vincent Korstanje, CEO of Kigen.

Unlocking the data opportunity with trust

At the heart of virtually all our digital engagements is the need for strong authentication and a standardised approach to establishing trust – made ubiquitous through the SIM technology in our smartphones. That plastic SIM has undergone a huge amount of evolution over the years. Now the same robustness and reliability of security can be embedded into the circuitry, or even integrated into the cellular chipset with a secure OS, for devices that may be smaller, draw battery power more efficiently and comply to more stringent levels of security.

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Recognising that the key to driving digital growth with IoT needs innovation to come from businesses of all sizes. Kigen empowers businesses to manufacture trusted connected goods and services that scale quickly with the integrated SIM security. Ultimately, streamlined access to actionable insights will help companies take advantage of IoT for growth.

An ecosystem-based approach to growth

For many businesses looking for a competitive advantage in fast-growth markets, it can be an issue not knowing who to turn to build secure-by-design IoT products. “Kigen is about the democratisation of trust in IoT, creating a marketplace where more flexibility and choice enables many options to integrate trust from the very origin of the device,” says Korstanje. Broad groups of partners bring choice, a shared vision of interoperable solutions and streamlined supply chains that can make all the difference when getting to market quickly. Deep partnerships simplify digital transformation and ensure customers get the best expertise, skills and results possible for their investment – something more important than ever in these turbulent times.

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