Key Insights

Remote SIM provisioning, or RSP, is a proven approach for managing secure device identity through embedded SIMs (eSIMs) and integrated SIMs (iSIMs).

  • RSP offers a secure, robust and highly scalable solution for addressing the traditional SIM challenges. It allows device owners to remotely change network operators by securely switching profiles over-the-air. This remote profile management removes the need for physical access. IoT devices benefit from existing SIM functionality, but all wrapped up in new, smaller and more reliable SIM form factors such as the eSIM and iSIM.
  • RSP and eSIM technology are huge breakthroughs, relieving a major bottleneck in at-scale device deployment for the IoT. A growing ecosystem is discovering RSP benefits for more use cases. Ample innovation opportunities exist for established firms and startups who can build on the proven value of RSP solutions.
  • The core function of RSP is remote management of profiles with operator and subscriber data on devices.

Further reading on eSIM IoT RSP

The combination of eSIM and Remote SIM provisioning allows manufacturers to drastically simplify their procurement arrangements. It allows remotely connecting devices and provisioning them securely over the air, across the globe, and over their entire lifetime.