Kigen featured in IoT Now‘s Talking Heads Edition
16th February 2023

It took 22 years for SIM and 12 years for eSIM to become mass market, OEM mandated technology in volume but within five years, iSIM products are coming to market. It’s particularly pleasing for us because Kigen was formed to make this a reality, and today, our ecosystem is thriving.

Vincent Korstanje, CEO, Kigen

What’s inside?

In this issue, Kigen’s CEO, Vincent Korstanje, features for an exclusive interview.

From page 8-13, discover more on:

  • How iSIM technology has been accepted and adopted by the industry: Ecosystem players and innovators working together, which has enabled iSIM to enter the market place now.
  • iSIM advantages over the eSIM: The more integrated something is, the more you can rely on what is there.
  • Hardware and supporting networks are resulting in product: Discover some of the unique use cases that support true digital transformation for companies and entire sectors.
  • Smart tracking for micromobility in smart cities: Understand how Urban mobility is re-mapping how we experience our cities.
  • What is next for Kigen? Understand how Kigen will continue to enable faster, simpler IoT connectivity and iSIM use cases that enhance monetisation of IoT.

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