At Kigen, we are proud to have been involved in this insightful report.

What’s inside?

The timely 18-page report, which features how market momentum is growing for adoption of Cellular IoT, bringing in new players with Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) and iSIM technologies reducing the barriers around out-of-the-box global connectivity and security.

The survey found that 79% of businesses adopting IoT technology and 77% of device makers are either using Cellular IoT already or plan to do so within 18 months. Many of these respondents have already adopted the primary cellular low power wide area technologies NB-IoT and LTE-M. Although NB-IoT is still relatively new, almost half of the device makers surveyed, for example, are using this low cost technology, which makes it easier to connect battery-powered devices. The survey found that users particularly value the coverage, reliability and security of cellular networks.

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This survey focused in particular on perceptions of iSIM technology. As it is intended to be a space-efficient, straight-forward to deploy and cost-effective solution, iSIM can be the ideal option for many IoT use cases. That means more devices can be connected, more simply, and are secure-by-design. In the IoT sector, iSIM is designed to lower the barriers to entry and speed up time-to-market by making it easy for the device maker to harness global connectivity. The user respondents identified the low power consumption and small size of iSIM as particularly attractive features. The survey also revealed considerable enthusiasm for iSIM among suppliers of IoT solutions. Approximately two thirds of the respondents are considering incorporating iSIM technology into their IoT offering.

The user respondents identified the low power consumption and small size of iSIM as particularly attractive features

See how iSIM technology can enable smart water metering

Mobile World Live interview with Rotem Gazit, CEO of Arad Group

The Arad Group, a world leader in the field of water metering, believes iSIM technology could help it retrieve data on water consumption and detect leaks on behalf of its customers. In an exclusive interview with Mobile World Live, Rotem Gazit of Arad Group talks about how iSIM technology is ideally suited to the needs of smart water metering.