At Kigen, we are proud to have been involved in this insightful report.

What’s inside?

The timely 16-page report, which features leaders and innovators in IoT, covers:

  • How IoT has helped businesses over lockdown
  • How connected care or Telehealth enabled by IoT have helped tackle the challenges brought on by coronavirus
  • How IoT can help businesses improve their sustainability
  • The skills shortage that exists as a result of fast growth, compounded with the complexity of solutions
  • The technology ecosystem and the links between 5G, IoT, and the cloud
  • How we can apply the principles of smart cities to drive business outcomes
  • How IoT and the data insights businesses need requires a joint effort around trust.


Kigen makes the case for solving IoT trust together

Trust is the key to achieving the promise of trillions of IoT devices

A trillion internet of things devices within the next 15 years is a real possibility, but realizing their potential relies on people’s trust. Integrated SIM, or iSIM, is the foundation of secure cellular IoT.

A confluence of events is accelerating the internet of things (IoT) and its potential to transform businesses, industries and wider society. While devices are getting cheaper, lower powered and more functional, coronavirus has forced organizations and consumers online much faster than anybody would have expected. The result is a clear opportunity to reach a trillion IoT devices globally in the next 15 years. There is one overarching challenge standing in the way: trust. IoT promises a huge amount of value to businesses, industries and wider society, enabling monumental efficiencies, incredible new innovations and vital advancements in sustainability. But it is fundamental that IoT devices and the insights they generate can be really trusted.

To get trust in a device, you have to build it in from the start

Vincent Korstanje