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Simplex Wireless and Kigen to offer CSP flexibility

Simplex Wireless, a provider of cutting-edge eSIM-enabled Global IoT connectivity solutions, and Kigen, a global security leader in IoT enablement via eSIM technology, have partnered to offer greater flexibility for IoT devices through seamless remote switching from one network provider to another once the device is in the field. 

24 February 2024 Kigen Partnership News – eSIM

Remote over-the-air network switching

The new eSIM SGP.32  specification allows remote Over-The-Air changing of the CSP, avoids carrier lock-in, and provides the flexibility to choose a provider based on the condition that suits the Solution Maker. For instance, the maker can select the CSP based on which country the device is deployed in and the same SKU.

CSP flexibility

The latest eSIM specification introduces some exciting changes that make it easier for solution makers to work with mobile network operators (MNOs) and deploy IoT devices. The most sought-after feature is the ability to remotely update the EIM address, which gives solution makers more flexibility to switch networks. 

A key improvement is introducing a SIM card (eUICC) based IPA client (IPAe), which allows the ecosystem to be more flexible. This enables solution makers to go to an eSMP, acquire the SIM cards with the IPAe, and insert them into a device, making them eSIM-enabled functionally. This also removes the need for multiple SKUs, allowing scalability and reduced costs. The SIM-based IPAe will also work on “older” devices, enabling them to become part of the eSIM ecosystem and make them relevant again.

Simplex Wireless is working with Kigen to use their SIM card (eUICC) based IPAe to communicate with the Simplex EIM server. This showcases the new specification’s flexibility, allowing solution makers to deploy IoT devices and switch eSMP providers. Simplex Wireless is both an eSMP and a CSP, which means that solution makers can acquire their eSIM Management as a Service or eSIMs, or both, depending on their needs.

Overall, the new eSIM specification is a game-changer for the industry. It provides a standard mechanism for the ecosystem to work together, which allows MNOs to offer services more cost-effectively. It also gives solution makers more flexibility and makes it easier for them to deploy IoT devices.

About Simplex Wireless 

Simplex Wireless provides eSIM-enabled Global IoT connectivity for anyone, anything, anywhere. With a modern approach to the market, the Simplex Platform provides a cutting-edge connectivity solution with the best-in-breed cellular connectivity, functionality, fast time to market, and affordable connectivity to the makers of things. Over 190 countries and over 500 Mobile Networks can be connected with one Simplex Wireless SIM card. The company is headquartered in the Metro Atlanta area and has a presence in Europe. 

About Kigen

Kigen is the forerunner in eSIM and iSIM security-enabled IoT solutions built for scale. An Arm-founded company, Kigen flexibly empowers OEMs with security on leading IoT chipsets and modules and with the world’s leading IoT and LPWAN connectivity providers in up to 200 countries. Our industry-leading SIM OS products enable over 2.5 billion SIMs and complement our GSMA-accredited Remote SIM provisioning secure service capabilities. Find out more at kigen.com or join our #FutureofSIM conversation on LinkedIn.

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The smartphone was unveiled first at CES in January 2024 and is now available for purchase across multiple sales platforms and countries. 

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