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World’s first multi-carrier iSIM for IoT is here

Enterprises can activate global connectivity via embedded iSIM and change carriers with pre-loaded integrated SIM solution inside Monarch 2 LTE-M/NB-IoT modules, enabled by Kigen iSIM OS.

2023 Kigen Partnership News – iSIM

February 22, 2023

Kigen welcomes the announcement by partners Sequans Communications S.A., a leading provider of cellular IoT chips and modules, and Eseye, a leader in IoT connectivity solutions to deliver the world’s first universal iSIM (integrated SIM, or ieUICC) connectivity solutions targeting the GSMA eSIM M2M standard.

Sequans and Eseye at Kigen iSIM Pioneers

The partners noted that the combined Sequans/Eseye solution provides enterprise customers with coverage insurance by allowing a company to activate the integrated eSIM and switch carriers at any time, either pre- or post-deployment. Eseye’s AnyNet+ eSIM and IoT Connectivity Service provides connections to regional carriers, delivering nearly 100 percent uptime to devices anywhere in the world.

With easySWAP and AnyNet in one solution, businesses can extend their asset lifetimes and improve ROI by connecting to alternative connectivity providers dynamically, without interruption in service.

Key Features of Sequans easySWAP and Eseye’s AnyNet Connectivity Solution:

  • EAL5+ security for integrated eSIM (ieUICC).
  • Preloaded with Eseye eUICC multi-IMSI profile to future-proof connectivity.
  • Localization to networks in North America, and in the future European networks such as Three.
  • Over-the-air remote SIM provisioning (RSP) with step-2 provisioning.
  • Powered by Kigen iSIM OS.
  • Backward compatible with external SIM, including traditional SIM cards or soldered SIMs, swapping between them with a simple AT command.
  • Reduced carbon footprint for sustainable IoT.

This combined solution deliver a resilient, highly secure network connection to any carrier. EasySWAP on Monarch 2 modules will be initially available in North America.

Sequans and Eseye will be extending the end-to-end solution to selected customers beginning in March.

Click here to read the original article. Find out here about our partnerships.

Acronyms explained

IMSI: international mobile subscriber identity

eUICC: embedded universal integrated circuit card; also known as embedded SIM or eSIM

iUICC: integrated universal integrated circuit card; also known as integrated SIM or iSIM

ieUICC: integrated embedded universal integrated circuit card; also known as integrated eSIM

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