Can eSIM unlock the digital economy for smart cities? 

This webinar covers the pros and cons of utilizing embedded SIM (eSIM) to open up digital opportunities for smart cities. Our panel discuss IoT devices, cellular connectivity and IoT data integrity in smart cities.

eSIM enables multiple smart city IoT applications webinar video

eSIM technology is supported by GSMA IoT Safe and enables a range of urban IoT applications. These include smart meters, transport, smart waste, EV charging, air monitoring, micro-mobility and traffic management.

What’s covered in the webinar:

  • How eSIM and Cellular IoT LPWA networks benefit smart cities?
  • How connected devices are enabling smart cities to embrace data-driven thinking
  • The value of device-to-cloud security for IoT deployments


  • Christina Patsioura – Lead Analyst for IoT & Enterprise with GSMA Intelligence
  • Paul Bradley, Director of Sales and Business Development at Kigen
  • Ronald Weststrate, VP of Product Management KORE

IoT eSIM solutions for smart city applications

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