Robust IoT security at scale: setting the standard with IoT SAFE

Kigen featured in MWC’21
30th June 2021

The GSMA flagship IoT event, Mobile IoT Summit at this year’s MWC Barcelona, addressed key IoT topics surrounding the network deployment and global collaboration of 5G and Mobile IoT technologies, IoT platforms and services, SIM enablement and Security.

Watch Kigen’s Paul Bradley take stage to talk about what the industry should do to simplify path to secure cloud services.


See how GSMA’s IoT SAFE offers a repeatable, standardized solution to achieve the scale mobile IoT needs. Find what Kigen and partners are doing to bring the widest adopted security protocols of the internet and to widen choice. Looking ahead, what is needed for the growth of trusted IoT underpinned by the opportunities in 5G?


Paul Bradley, Director of Strategy & Innovation, Kigen