In-Factory Profile Provisioning (IFPP) streamlines volume manufacturing of IoT devices

Kigen’s VP of Solution Sales, Paul Bradley, and Transforma Insights’ Matt Hatton discuss the In-Factory Profile Provisioning (IFPP) mechanism for embedding mobile network cellular SIM profiles into connected IoT devices based on the geographic location for deployment.

Download the report here from Transforma Insights and Kigen.

IFPP simplifies supply chains, reducing operational costs and improving in-field operational performance. Watch this on-demand recording find out how IFPP enables electronics manufacturers to streamline the enablement of cellular connectivity in their assembly lines to deliver more cost-effective products at scale.

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What we covered in the IFPP webinar:

  • What is IFPP and how does it work?
  • Motivations for using IFPP to streamline supply chains for electronics manufacturers
  • Benefits of IFPP: reducing logistics, manufacturing complexity and power saving
  • IFPP usage scenarios
  •  eSIM and SGP.32: Remote SIM provisioning

Want to revisit the webinar in detail?

Download the webinar slides here