Multi IMSI vs eUICC

When weighing options for multi-network SIMs, it generally comes down to two main choices; Multi-IMSI and eUICC, but do you understand the difference, and better yet, how they can work together?

In this webinar, Kigen’s SVP of Business & Ecosystem, Jean-Philippe Betoin and flo LIVE‘s President (Americas), Curtis Govan, bring clarity to both solutions and discuss why leveraging both is the Future of IoT Connectivity:

  • The impact of Multi-IMSI solutions: How local connectivity has boosted the potential of IoT monetization and supported businesses in achieving compliance and control. 
  • The benefits of eUICC: eUICC is a GSMA standard built to beat the challenges of IoT scale and vendor lock-in. How does it fit into the picture? 
  • Bringing the two solutions together: Why a smart combination of multi-IMSI and eUICC leads to cost-effective and simple connectivity anywhere in the world.