Urban Smart Grid Innovation: Juniper Research

Interview with Kigen: FDA Platinum Award winner

Kigen earned the Platinum Award at the Future Digital Awards on Urban Smart Grid Innovation for our joint solution built with partners KORE and Energy Web.

As part of this recognition, Juniper Research sat down with our CEO, Vincent Korstanje to discuss the solution and the wider context of how it supports innovation around smart cities and urban smart grids.

Read more about the solution that brings together Kigen’s OPEN IoT SAFE capability on KORE’s market-leading eSIM, OmniSIM with Energy Web’s decentralised crypto to bring transaction data security for energy grid players. 

What’s covered in the interview?

  • What are the major trends shaping IoT in the urban smart energy market?
  • What key challenges face the smart energy market?
  • What role do eSIMs play in evolving the smart energy market?
  • What are the implications for digital economy of things?
  • What should one consider when looking to use eSIM technology?

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Here’s a short snippet from the interview:

“Smart utility infrastructure and smart urban energy deployments will contribute to the value the digital economy of things is set to deliver. As more utility things are connected, gather real-time information and feed this into this digital economy, greater insight can be drawn, with the use of comparative analytics, to give a holistic view of performance, efficiency and usage trends.”

Supporting eSIM adoption for innovations towards a zero-carbon future

eSIM technology brings critical functionality to enable smart meter data and analytics to help utilities predict when demand will be high to manage supply. They also permit sharing usage patterns depicting billing impact with more efficient customer billing.

Utility companies see cash-to-meter efficiencies and game-changing customer insights from smart metering usage data. The benefits include quicker demand response, better-distributed resource management, operational efficiencies and improved customer relationships.

Kigen can support your smart urban innovation goals through our own eSIM and OPEN IoT SAFE products in strong partnership with our ecosystem. Get in touch to discuss how this can benefit you!