Kigen featured in IoT Now Innovators Guide
22nd December 2021

The most innovative people I know, work on the basis that the current problems we have will have been solved in five years’ time. They take a more visionary approach and focus their efforts on solving futuristic problems.

Vincent Korstanje, CEO, Kigen

What’s inside?

In this issue:

  • IoT innovation demands bigger building blocks of pre-integrated capabilities: Vincent Korstanje tells George Malim what he believes needs to happen to aid the acceleration of IoT innovation
  • Open IoT SAFE Manifesto: A simple guide for enterprises and IoT Services Providers to supercharge to a connected future built on end-to-end IoT security
  • Why IoT has stepped on the accelerator not the brakes in the pandemic: Interview with Eurotech’s CEO, Paul Chawla
  • Low power consumption, miniaturisation and out-of-box connectivity drive IoT innovation: Interview with our partner Murata‘s VP of Corporate Technology & Innovation, Mehul Udani
  • How eSIM is opening up new use cases and richer IoT experiences in healthcare, sports, and hotels: Our partner iBASIS‘s eSIM case studies
  • What’s the largest community of IoT buyers up to? Interview with IoT M2M Council’s ED, Keith Kreisher

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