Key Insights

The multi-layered GSMA eSIM certification scheme protects device makers, device owners and mobile network operators (MNOs).

  • eSIM and RSP are gaining traction, but they are still relatively new to the market. So growing a healthy and trusted ecosystem is key to its adoption.
  • Secure provisioning of operator SIM data requires encrypted connections with data protection, assurance and system reliability.
  • Employing assessment and validation creates trusted ecosystems. Their components’ certification demonstrates this which, in turn, allows for full interoperability as well as end to end security.
  • Two solutions exist – consumer and M2M. The key differences are the direction of control and server management relationship.
  • The consumer solution relies on local end-user control, with on-device triggering of new profile downloads and profile management.
  • The M2M solution counters this approach, offering profile management from the server side only. On device profile management by a local human user is therefore prohibited.